Founder’s Note

A path to wellbeing - For a better Punjab

2015 was easily a landmark year in my life. I had decided to return home to India and to a very different Punjab. To me, the future and path to the Wellbeing of Punjab - a better Punjab- was clear.

Wellbeing is a holistic state of thriving. It relies entirely on internal elements of health, happiness, and personal meaning. It is influenced by external factors such as the socio-economic fabric and the environment that envelops us.

A healthier, more vibrant Punjab is the future that I have imagined. This is possible through making Wellbeing its cornerstone. To this end, I launched RoundGlass Foundation.

My mission is to deliver world-class standards for health, education, and empowerment to the people of Punjab. The importance of the individual, therefore, - the improvement of ‘one life’ at a time - cannot be overstated. That is why, for the first time ever, RoundGlass Foundation boldly strives to set new paradigms in Wellbeing for Punjab.

To achieve this, we will foster lifestyles and habitats that employ ecological practices; we will facilitate holistic wellness through shared dialogue and collaboration in art, sports and thought leadership; we will empower individuals and communities to actively direct their own self-learning journeys. All the while, we will be spurring the youth to collectively shape an adaptive and dynamic future.

The task is arduous, I admit. I am confident however in the cause and most of all, I am confident in our collective ability to get it done.

Our future will be as glorious as our past. I urge everyone to join us in bringing Wellbeing to Punjab and work with us towards re-shaping its future

Gurpreet (Sunny) Singh


Learn Labs | Nook

Creating community-operated marker spaces to impact market-aligned skills and encourage entrepreneurial mindsets among rural youth.

Regenerative Farming

Encouraging organic farming for farmers to build new skills and economic sustainability while improving population health outcomes, and enhanced fertility and resilience of the land.

Plant for Punjab

Restoring Punjab’s ecological balance through plantation drives and afforestation with indigenous plant species.

Paint for Punjab

Using art to create vibrant, engaged communities that take pride in their habitats.

Women’s Health

Instrumenting improvements in rural women's physical and mental outcomes by building awareness, knowledge and decision-making abilities - breaking the transgenerational cycles of bias.

Women’s Self-Help Groups

Promoting economic growth through the creation of rural women alliances that in-turn encourage and empower members with support, education, and finances.

Craft Revival

Reviving Punjab's rich craft heritage to be a source of re-learning and re-creating it as a source of livelihood for marginalized infringed urban migrants.

Sports Centers

Rekindling culture of sports in rural Punjab to help children and youth make positive life choices.

Waste Management

Ensuring disease and pollution-free villages through segregation, disposal, recycling, and composting.


Join the community that wants to give back for a better Punjab

Your donations will help us give people of Punjab interventions they need, for a better life, a better future.

RoundGlass Foundation is a 501 (c )(3) organization, EIN: 82-3556226. Gifts are deductible to the full extent allowable under IRS regulations.

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