Rising unemployment, drug addiction, failing health, ecological degradation are challenges that are gripping and curbing Punjab’s growth. The deepening disquiet in the state is apparent and addressing its roots is a vital need.


Rate of Student Dropout in Primary Schools


Youth is Under the Grip of Addiction


Rural Population with Mental Disorders


Green Cover Against National Average of 16%


Punjab and Prosperity

Founded upon and guided by principles of holistic wellbeing, our work focuses on empowering individuals and communities to lead better lives by building self-reliance, co-existence, and sustainability.

Taking the path of collective responsibility, we support government agencies and build partnerships across social and private sector to scale up the effect of change. We make social, cultural and economic investments to impact the entire community for generations to come.

RoundGlass Foundation is poised for transforming the state of Punjab once again into the symbol of prosperity it once was.


Women’s Health

Instrumenting improvements in rural women's physical and mental outcomes by building awareness, knowledge and decision-making abilities - breaking the transgenerational cycles of bias.

Women’s Self-Help Groups

Promoting economic growth through the creation of rural women alliances that in-turn encourage and empower members with support, education, and finances.

Regenerative Farming

Encouraging organic farming for farmers to build new skills and economic sustainability while improving population health outcomes, and enhanced fertility and resilience of the land.

Plant for Punjab

Restoring Punjab’s ecological balance through plantation drives and afforestation with indigenous plant species.


Holistic, internalized, and transformational social change

The combined power of quality education and learning, building healthy habits and good social relationships, and eco-sustainability can significantly contribute to elevating overall wellbeing of both individuals and communities.

We believe for any change to be adopted and sustained, it needs to be internalized by both individuals and the community going through it. By creating widespread understanding and awareness, identifying and supporting agents of change (champions) within the community, and long-term vesting, we ensure the transition sustains.

Unlike the traditional one-problem-at-a-time approach, our solutions are consecutively applied in a community to bring transformational social change at multiple levels. The initiatives address a wide range of issues at both individual and community level.


Meaningful alliances for lasting impact

Every initiative is an alliance of innovators, policy makers, nonprofit operating/implementation partners, investing partners (benefactors) and beneficiaries to create lasting sustainable solutions.

RoundGlass Foundation is a 501 (c )(3) organization, EIN: 82-3556226. Gifts are deductible to the full extent allowable under IRS regulations.

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