Steps involving Waste Management Unit implementation

Steps involving Waste Management Unit implementation

Here are the four crucial steps in implementation of a Waste Management Unit that will result in building cleaner villages and a healthier environment.

Step 1: Build partnerships and obtain subsidy approval
RoundGlass Foundation builds partnerships with Village and District Administration for their buy-in, participation and funding for WM program

Step 2: Begin the launch by creating awareness campaign, job training and cleaning of village

RoundGlass Foundation implements an awareness campaign on the program for village residents, provides job training to waste collectors, and cleans the entire village after launch.

Step 3: Support infrastructure and setup of WM program

RoundGlass Foundation facilitates the setup of the waste management process and infrastructure, which includes: a composting facility, waste bins, waste collection training, and equipment, etc.

Step 4: Community based implementation

RoundGlass Foundation coordinators stay in the village for 1-2 weeks, actively participating and providing on-ground support to the village for 6+ months before operations are handed over to village administration.