Wholistic, internalized, and
transformational social change.

We are on a mission to develop, replicate, and scale a development model for the under-served and marginalized rural communities through a unique approach of Wholistic Wellbeing.

We enable the opportunity for people to take control of their own destiny through co-owned and co-created thematic interventions.

Taking village as the microcosm of people’s lives, culture, economics and wellbeing, we are creating a thriving ecosystem for rural growth and wellbeing.

Our three inter-related areas of impact action are critical for shaping a better future and include Environment and Sustainability, Youth Development, and Women’s Empowerment.

Our Thematic Areas

and Sustainability

Mobilizing communities to restore their environment.

We are addressing the pressing needs of climate and environment action through large scale programmes, delivering impact on the ground to promote and restore biodiversity, sponsor and showcase regenerative agriculture practices, in partnership with the communities we work in.

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Creating global citizens of tomorrow.

Fostering curiosity, cognitive flexibility, and critical thinking among children and youth through experiential, self-paced, technology-led learning solutions, making them globally aware.

Using sports as a medium to nurture children’s potential for leadership, teamwork, and discipline and, in the process, enabling youth to make positive life choices.

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Creating fulfilling lives for women.

Facilitate social and economic empowerment for women, fostered by knowledge, skills, and access to capital and support.

Designed to empower women economically for a sustainable livelihood by supporting skill training, developing entrepreneurial aptitude, and creating market linkages.

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The Progress So Far

In just five years since inception, our Model Village initiatives have reached 2000+ villages impacting more than 2 million lives.

Villages Reached
Lives Impacted
native trees planted
Learn Labs Impacting 6,000 children
Sports Centers where 9,326 children actively play sports
Girls Registered Under 1Girl1Football Program
women SHGs formed with 100 registered members
health workshops reached 26,304 adolescent girls
Staff at Roundglass Foundation's nursery at Lang village work on propagating saplings of native trees for distribution all over the state.
Roundglass Foundation's nursery at Lang village, in Patiala, India
Principles of our work centered around betterment of life
Wellbeing of individuals and community are inter-reliant. We believe for any change to be adopted and sustained, it needs to be internalized by both individuals and the community going through it. All our initiatives have a focus on values-based collaboration, so that the beneficiaries become the owners and drivers of change in their communities, thereby becoming resilient and self-sufficient.
Harnessing the power of collective action achieves transformational goals. We create impact by ensuring widespread understanding and ownership of the issues and solutions, identifying and supporting champions of change within the community, and creating sustainable models for transformation.
Solutions that address the causes of social challenges lead to lasting change. We develop models that address a wide range of issues at both individual and community level. Unlike the traditional one-problem-at-a-time approach, our solutions are applied holistically in a community to bring transformational social change at multiple levels.
Your generous donation will empower us to bring a positive impact in the lives of many. More of us is more of change.
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