In the week leading on to World Environment Day, RoundGlass Foundation is planting 51,000 saplings in Punjab. 15 mini forests are being created in 15 districts. Just another step in our mission to plant 1 billion trees in Punjab.

However, we are not restricted by the number. We are looking forward to going beyond 51000 saplings. Therefore, the campaign is open for everyone to participate. You could be anywhere in the world, but you get to plant a tree in Punjab. Just visit our social media pages and leave a comment on our World Environment Day campaign posts. All you need to mention in the comment is your environment-friendly habit. For instance, you could be saving electricity by switching off lights and fans on exiting a room, or you could be conserving water by turning off the tap while brushing your teeth. For every such comment, we will plant a tree.

We are looking forward to making this initiative a success. We owe this to our environment.

Meet us on-ground or online.  And do get your friends and family along. The social media pages are listed below, for ease of participation.




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