Gaining the Winner Attitude

Gaining the Winner Attitude

On March 23rd – day the lockdown started in India – RoundGlass Foundation’s (RGF) Learn Labs team launched Learn Challenges in 10 schools. Within a week, the team started these in up to 20 more schools, and then 20 more the week after!

As of June 30th, RGF Learn Labs – Challenge Program has reached out to 3,781 children in 54 schools and 7 Sports Academies. Students have completed over 41,000 projects, but most importantly, according to parents and children, there has been changes in their daily routine to improve overall wellbeing: feeding animals, watering plants, helping with chores at home and morning yoga routines.

One such story is of siblings, Harman and Kirpal from village Majat located in SAS Nagar.

The siblings participated in Learn Challenges and Circle Time. When they started joining the sessions, they were guarded, shy, not confident and wary of the current situation, worried about themselves and their loved ones. After participating in multiple sessions of Learn Challenges and Circle Times, the siblings understood that they can control any situation by thinking rationally about it. There was no need to panic and if they think positively, they can find a solution for any situation that arises. When the lockdown was lifted, they were worried about the safety of their friends and family.

So they found a solution with limited means by thinking positively and by being resourceful. The siblings went online and learned how to make sanitiser at home through YouTube videos. They made their own hand sanitiser, gave it to their loved ones and distributed it in their neighbourhood, free of cost.