Gift Her A Football – This Women’s Day, Gift 400 Footballs To The Girls Of Punjab

Gift Her A Football – This Women’s Day, Gift 400 Footballs To The Girls Of Punjab


While young women in India want to participate in sports they are held back because of lack of facilities and societal taboos. Being away from an inclusive life of sports, these girls lose out on healthy life and vital life skills that team sports impart. Apart from this they also miss out on the pure joy of playing on an open field with their friends. 


Gift football to a village girl, make her a sportswoman for life. 

Our goal is to get at least 400 girls in the village to take up football as a sport by Women’s Day 2022. We’re reaching out to girls and their parents and educating them about the benefits of team sports and how they can enrich the lives of their children. But this is not enough and we need your assistance to help them access the Sport. A football that can cost about INR 700 can make a big difference. 

We want to start with 400 footballs. When you gift a football, it will ensure that one girl will be able to practice for at least the next six months. 

Help us get 400 girls to the playground by 8th March, 2022. Your support will go a long way in helping a girl in the village adopt sports for life and overcome societal taboos. 


RoundGlass Foundation: Working towards the cause 

At RoundGlass Foundation, our Sports Centers are sending our coaches, and village influencers to talk to the parents about the importance of sports for girls. As a result, 270 girls have already joined our Sports Centers to play and train in football. These young women who range from students of class 5th to B.A. first-year students, come from over 12 villages located in districts of Moga, Ropar, Ludhiana, and Fatehgarh Sahib and are now setting an example in their villages. 

Our vision is to get over 2000 girls to the field by the end of 2022. 

How playing football benefits her: 

  • Promising career option 
  • Develops personality and positive behavior 
  • Imparts leadership skills 
  • Boosts self-confidence 
  • Builds team spirit 
  • Keeps her fit 
  • Improves her cardiovascular endurance 
  • Betters her academic results 
  • Raises her concentration levels 
  • Keeps her away from bad habits 

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