Life’s big questions, answered.

Life’s big questions, answered.

Today, this 15-year-old is full of enthusiasm and hope. A regular at our Learn Lab in Aloona Tola, usually the first one to come to the lab and the last one to leave, she dreams of being a doctor. A dream that she knows she can make a reality.

Being the oldest of four siblings, Gurjeet started her day at 4 AM with household chores to help her mother – a daily-wage NREGA worker struggling to feed her four kids and alcoholic husband. Gurjeet hurried with her routine chores to carve out time to study during the day.

Despite all her efforts, Gurjeet was struggling in school. Studying was not easy with limited access to books, and the limited knowledge of her teachers. She could sense her dream of higher education and a better life slipping away. But her resilient heart would not give up.

When a Learn Lab opened at her school, Gurjeet went to the lab out of curiosity – to see how computers work. What she discovered was a new world of knowledge and learning. Access to the internet was like finding a key to a treasure chest of answers and new questions!

From answering questions related to her course subjects to searching for ‘how to become a doctor’, Gurjeet utilizes the facilities of the Learn Lab regularly. Now a senior secondary student in a school 10 km away, she comes to the Learn Labs center every day, even requesting that the lab open on non-working days! From the lost, struggling girl a year ago, Gurjeet has come a long way. She has developed a sense of purpose, self-confidence, and found a direction to her life.

“Learn Labs reduce our dependency on teachers for answers. Finding my own answers is very empowering.”

Among the highest performing students in her class today, and student with the most questions in the lab, Gurjeet is on the path of fulfilling her dream of being a doctor.

“Learn Labs is the best thing that has happened to us. Earlier we had many unanswered questions. Through the internet in the Learn Lab we can know everything we have wanted to know. I dream of becoming a doctor. With Learn Labs, I know I can find a way.”

Like Gurjeet there are many children across Punjab looking for answers. Answers that can change their world and brighten their future. Help us open the world to them! Our goal is to establish 100 labs across Punjab by end of the year 2019. With a small monthly donation of $25, or by signing up to be a Learn Pal, you can contribute to fulfilling the dreams of children in rural Punjab.

Learn more about our initiative on empowering children to define their own learning path and educate themselves using technology.