If You Had One Thing To Give, Let It Be Kindness

If You Had One Thing To Give, Let It Be Kindness

We all have come across an initiative that we know will bring an immensely positive change in our society and community. But how many of us have the kindness in our hearts to bring the initiative to our society and community?

Baljinder Singh Mann not only got the RoundGlass Foundation’s Waste Management initiative to his village, Hardaspur, he also ensured that it became a huge success.

Baljinder got introduced to RoundGlass Foundation’s Waste Management program when it got launched in his neighboring village. He says, “I got so excited to see the project that I told the Foundation team, if you implement the same in my village, I will leave every other village behind.”

Since its launch in Hardaspur in 2019, the program has transformed the village beyond recognition. Filthy ponds have now become lush green parks. The initiative has generated 30 tons of compost from the village waste.

Baljinder also got Plant for Punjab initiative to his village. Two mini forests have been planted with a total of 1700 saplings. Four parks have been developed. Hardaspur has become a model village now. MLA Razia Sultana sent 55 panchayats of Malerkotla to visit and learn. Baljinder proudly says, “It does not just fascinate Punjab but other states as well. Tomorrow someone from Andhra Pradesh will come to see it.”

Baljinder didn’t receive a lot of support on-ground from villagers. But that did not stop him or make him bitter. He knew he had heard his calling, and it was time to pay heed. Knowing his journey, he walked on it with perseverance.