RGF Helps Ignite Young Minds

RGF Helps Ignite Young Minds

Children today are very smart and enlightened right from an early age. They are capable of many feats and accomplishments. All they need is proper channelization of abilities, the right guidance and training, and the desired environment, which will eventually lead to individual growth and prosperity.

One such example can be seen in Devi Nagar village located in Punjab, Northern India, where the influence of Round Glass Foundation (RGF) has played a vital role in bringing awareness to young kids and inspiring them to engage in #EnvironmentalKindness like planting saplings, watering trees, cleaning the surroundings, placing dustbins near the ponds and putting up banners to keep the surroundings clean as well as recycling to get the best out of waste, via “Learn Challenges” curriculum.

Apart from the development of the surroundings, the program also focuses on the overall development of children. They bring out talents in all the children by giving them various indoor and outdoor activities like yoga, making furniture through recycled wood, paintings/origami, setting up water filters, and mainly teaching them the importance and qualities of becoming a kind person.

“During the lockdown, taking all necessary precautions, my family and I went to a nearby village to distribute food to the poor; they looked up to us with joy, and seeing them happy made me happy.”- Jaspreet, one of the children.

The organization has been very supportive and friendly with the children, because of which the children have unleashed their true potential.

Nowadays, children are self-motivated, become independent and responsible, and started to understand the struggles of life and are working accordingly to overcome them.

“We want to distribute food, help people with physical and mental disabilities, spare some time with old people. We don’t want anyone to be left alone.” The kids said.

The life of a city kid can’t compare to a small village kid. The city kid may have the best lifestyle possible: the latest video games, the latest gadgets, and excellent facilities. On the other hand, the lifestyle of a village kid might not be the best, but they make sure they enjoy to the fullest with all they have. They play games created by them, giving them the equal amount of joy the city kid gets from playing video games. Unlike the city kids who spend most of their time on gadgets, village kids spend their time working on the fields, delivering goods, swimming in ponds, playing with friends, and many more. This shows that happiness is not by chance but by choice.

“If I had all the money in the world, I would make sure to put that to good use by distributing all the money to poor people and people who are in desperate need of it.”- Amanjot, one of the children.

Everybody is born with a pure heart; it is the surroundings that corrupt them. With the help of this organization, not only is the heart of the children pure, but wherever they go, their surroundings also become pure.

“I once dropped a metal water bottle on my toe, and my toe turned blue. It was tough for me to walk, but at that moment, the kids came like little angels and did everything for me; they took my bags and kept them safely in my room, they got me ice packs, they also called the doctor. I am thankful for making them a part of my life.” Ishita, RGF coordinator.
Children are like wet cement: whatever falls on them makes an impression. In the case of these children, I guess we all can say that we are proud of the impression that has fallen on them. RFG has changed the lives of these children and will change many more lives in the future, one #ActofKindness at the time.