Roshan – a ray of hope

Roshan – a ray of hope

It’s 7:30 PM. The sports center kitchen is buzzing with activity, children of all ages lining up to fill their dinner plates with freshly prepared food. As everyone settles down on the long wooden bench, I find myself sitting across a 9-year-old Ladoo. He is elated with the new pair of soccer shoes that he has just received as a gift. Asked if he would share his shoes with anyone, Ladoo replies, “Only with Roshan.”

Roshan is a quiet 11-year-old, who barely looks up as his best friend calls out his name.

“Do you know, the meaning of your name?” I ask. Barely audible, he replies, “Mummy says Roshan means a ray of light and hope.”

Roshan’s dinner-table reticence is a contrast to the energy and enthusiasm he displays on the playground. For him, football is an easy and welcome escape from the challenges in his daily life.

Back home in Sangrur, 2018 had been a difficult year for Roshan and his family. His father lost the battle with brain tumor and his family ran out of savings. His mother worked several jobs to pay off medical bills and make ends meet. Roshan felt neglected, afraid and alone.

Fortunately for Roshan, his aunt (Bua) in Aloona Tola stepped in to help the family and took him in. Roshan joined the RoundGlass Foundation Sports Center in the village, and his life turned around. He learned a new sport and found new friends. The training program included nutritious meals at breakfast and dinner. Playing football at the center gave him hope and a sense of purpose.

Today Roshan shows up on the field every day, morning and evening. He is building strength and self-confidence and is looking forward to a brighter future than he ever thought possible.

“Roshan loves playing football, and he is so happy now. Thank you for a new light in Roshan’s life!” says Roshan’s Bua.

Since its establishment, the RoundGlass Sports Centre at Aloona Tola has supported more than 60 children through sports training and healthy meals every day. For these children, the sports center is an anchor, a safe place of learning to nurture their dreams.

It takes $500 to set up a sports center in a village of Punjab and $1000 to run a kitchen annually. Please help us provide a secure and happy life for children in rural Punjab. Learn more about this initiative and help us by supporting our sport centers.