Security Guard By Night, Football Coach To Village Kids By Day

Security Guard By Night, Football Coach To Village Kids By Day

What do you do when you can’t pursue your dream? Sandeep says you help others to do so. A fascinating life journey Sandeep has had. It could have been ordinary, but his decisions made his life extraordinary.

Football was his passion as a child. But he couldn’t pursue it beyond a point, for lack of resources. He is 31 years old, is a farmer in Ghawaddi village, and moonlights as a security guard. His earnings from the security duty go towards buying football equipment. Every morning at 4, children from Ghawaddi and nearby villages gather and wait for him to come from his guard duty and train them. 200 young players have trained with him and he has spent around Rs. 1.5 to 2 lakhs on footballs every year.

Seeing his passion and dedication, the RoundGlass Foundation associated with him to open one of the many RoundGlass Foundation Sports Centers in Punjab villages. He now no longer needs to worry about the funds.

He also looks at the bigger picture. For instance, girls were kept away from sports in villages. He is encouraging them to play football in the RoundGlass Foundation Sports Center. He says, “Most people feel that girls can’t do anything. I always wanted to bring more and more girls on the ground to set an example. After associating with RoundGlass Foundation, I have managed to encourage 35 girls of my village to play football.”

The way he has turned his life around, and that of so many children, is inspiring. The spirit to help others when no one helped you is Punjabiyat.