Transforming Lives Of Bathinda’s Slum Children

Transforming Lives Of Bathinda’s Slum Children

Caption copy: It takes immense security in oneself to acknowledge what we don’t know, and then go on to learn it. Jyoti interviewed with us in March 2021 for the post of Changemaker at our Digital Community Center in Sanguana Basti, Bathinda. She failed miserably at the interview, for she knew nothing about operating a computer. But what she excelled at was her willingness to learn. She convinced the interviewers about her well-placed intention.

Her first month at the job was very difficult. She had to be taught everything. But after the initial training, she surpassed all expectations from a Changemaker.

What really brought out her dedication to the job was the second wave of Covid. The Digital Community Center was non-operative during the lockdown. At that time Jyoti had just started mentoring and training the slum kids of Sanguana Basti. These kids had never been to a school before and would spend all their time begging and scrap-collecting. She realized that a gap in their learning process will forever push them back to the streets. Jyoti was still nursing her newborn baby then. Though she was unvaccinated, she could not see these kids losing their chance at education. She started taking classes at her home in very small batches. She ensured that everyone wore masks. And thus, the learning continued for these slum kids without any intervention.

Going beyond the call of duty to change lives forever — this is Punjabiyat.